chinese patent medicine
guided by the theory of traditional chinese medicine, kanion pharmaceutical co., ltd. follows the development law of traditional chinese medicine, focuses on the advantages of traditional chinese medicine in gynecology, orthopedics, antiviral, cardio cerebrovascular and other fields, uses the cutting-edge and advanced technology of drug research and development, develops international advanced and modern clinical recognized innovative traditional chinese medicine, and promotes the high-quality development of traditional chinese medicine in inheritance and innovation
herb extracts
kanion could provide different kinds of herb extract products such as senna leaf extract, saw palmetto extract, ginsenoside and so on. to get more details or products, please leave your message or send an email to us directly.
formula granules
it took us a year to develop more than 100 kinds of chinese medicine formula granules in order to enrich our product line and our competitiveness. here attached document of our production list of formula granules, any further inquiry, please do not be hesitated to let us know.
adhering to the concepts of quality, service and innovation, kanion has been manufacturing under sop guided by gmp, developing new products with clients to meet market need to help clients to achieve comprehensive product series and enforce competitiveness.
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